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Appics is a revolutionary social mobile app that lets anyone without prior crypto-knowledge benefit from blockchain technology effortlessly by posting their content online

  • Technical platform
  • Management of bounty campaign
  • Consulting
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Anryze — Al pow service for risks & compliance management

  • ICO strategy
  • WP composition
  • Community Management
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Global Decentralized Platform of Personal and Mass Challenges eristica.com on Smart Contract

  • Technical platform
  • Marketing
  • Design of landing page
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Play2Live is blockchain-based streaming platform for gamers and eSports fans

  • Technical platform
  • WP composition
  • Marketing
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Tarka is an online game powered by blockchain which is a betterand more crowd-oriented version of chess where players mine cryptocurrency

  • Technical platform
  • Legal assisstance
  • Consulting
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Tradingene is a project aiming at bringing alrogithmic trading to common use with the help of blockchain technology

  • Technical platform
  • ICO strategy
  • Consulting
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Platform solutions

ICO platform

Wanting to launch an ICO, but struggling to carry it out technically? We've got it covered, so you can focus solely on marketing and promotion of your project. With our effective and easily-scalable platform you can be sure that no technical glitches or hiccups of any kind will ever put your crowdsale in jeopardy.
Smart Contract generator

With us, you can program smart-contracts for your ICO in a matter of minutes. Our system will provide you with a source code and address of the contract which is already deployed in Ethereum Testnet. No need to look for rare and costly Solidity developers anymore.

Set rules of your ICO

Smart contract management system
Automatic generation of Ethereum smart-contract code
Automatic deployment in Ethereum Testnet
in Ethereum testnet
automatic Deployment
in Ethereum mainnet
Security Audit

Investor's profile

Our investment platform is responsible for processing all incoming transactions from investors, while also performing real-time token emission. It also provides the technical possibility to fix the token price in fiat money in order to avoid volatility risks.
Emission controller
Company's token
Real-time transaction processing
Company's token

Smart contract
Bounty Platform
Engagement of community to participate in ICO process has never been so easy.

Incentivize people to contribute to your project's promotion by granting your tokens to them in return. Our backend automatically detects all users' activity in social networks and calculates a number of granted tokens. The whole process is designed to look smooth and swift both for bounty hunters and campaign managers.
Bounty Platform
Campaign manager's decision on the amount of tokens to be granted;
Claim bounty
for other activity
Token allocation
Automatic detection of user's social activity
likes, shares,
Bounty hunters

Crypto payment system

Phenom Payment system will provide possibility for your business to accept payments in cryptocurrencies in a matter of minutes. From now on, your clients are not limited by any difficulties which may possibly arise out of bank transfers and can easily pay for order using blockchain technology. Moreover, amount of each payment can be pegged to USD or any fiat currency, so that nobody would be exposed to crypto currency volatility risks.
Phenom payment system is not only able to | process payments for your goods or services but can also accept investments during token sale of your business.
Projects such as Crypto.tickets and Eristica are already using our platform to arrange secure and reliable ICO process.

payment system box
Bill for $100
payment confirmed
your business

Full-Service ICO

For the best projects out there

Thanks to the expreince we've gained in the field of blockchain and ICOs, specifically, we are sure that we possess sufficient knowledge and resources to make your project successfull. We're willing to support you at all stages - from product development, setup of concept and strategy of your ICO to marketing and exchange of raised funds into fiat.

Marketingand community management
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  • Product
  • Technical
  • Tokenization
  • Whitepaper
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Technical Platform

  • Bounty platform
  • Investor's Profile
  • Smart-contract genereator
flat fee
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Full service

  • Product development
  • ICO platform development
  • Marketing campaign
  • Legal assistance
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  • Traffic
  • PR
  • Advertising
  • Building up community
  • Other
$ 80,000
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Legal assisstance

  • Consullting
  • Incorporation of SPV
  • Documents package for ICO
  • Legal part of WP
$ 30,000
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Community management

  • 24/7 interaction with community
  • Natural advertising bots
  • Steem, Facebook, Reddit, BitcoinTalk, Twitter and other platforms
$ 15,000
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