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Phenom spearheads development of blockchain research and science. Apart from a number of successful ICOs with almost $4 mln of total raised funds, Phenom is working on solutions in the fields of VC, payment methods, etc.

Phenom is a team of more than 20 professionals who, by their experience in the field, know a lot about how to both deliver the ICO to as many people as possible and make sure the technical part of the process goes smoothly and flawlessly.

The level of expertise of our software blockchain developers allows for a quick scaling of the boxed ICO Platform and getting it ready for processing of investments and emission of tokens within mere hours.

Apart from targeting the crowd, we also resort to the assistance of crypto-investors who always take our word seriously when it comes to promising projects and crowdsales. No wonder, we never let them down.


Aleksey Smirnov


Alex Smirnov graduated with honors from department of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University. While being a student he led researches in science-related projects in different companies. He has extensive experience in Software Development, Data Analysis, Computer Modeling and Signal Processing. Before Alex has found out about blockchain and Bitcoin, he was the head of R&D department in Navigine, where he has developed indoor navigation platform that today operates in more than 100 venues worldwide. Now Alex Smirnov is Ph.D candidate, author of 8 scientific papers and founder of Phenom, where he leads research and development of ICO platform and blockchain solutions.

Aleksey Smirnov


Dmitriy Pukhov


Dmitrii Pukhov graduated from Moscow State University in 2015, where he got experience in working with the leading scientists. Since the last year of education Dmitriy has been working on machine learning and optimization problems applying to real business tasks. He was employed as R&D director in healthcare startup “Soter Analytics” where he obtained experience in Data Analytics, machine Learning and in areas such as FPGA architecture development or HPCC based graph theory problems. Dmitriy Pukhov also owns patents, articles, research grants and Kaggle medal. In Phenom he leads the private investment fund where he is developing investment strategies and artificial intelligence algorithms for arbitrage and trading

Dmitriy Pukhov


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