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First ever platform with token price fixed in USD and real time emission

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Built as boxed solution, Phenom ICO platform allows you to focus on your project and entrust all technical tasks to our reliable automated system with 1 day integration.

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project’s token
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Developed in accordance with the highest security standards
Fault tolerance
ICO Statistics shows that any faults and pauses in your Investment process drastically decrease final amount of gathered funds. Our fault tolerance architecture guarantees that your investment process will never be terminated
Full replication
All the data are real time replicated to ensure you never lose access to information about your investors and all incoming transactions
Platform has multiple levels of DdoS protection to ensure nobody can influence successful ICO
Fully protected
ICO platform deals with crypto funds of investors that require reliable security, encryption, and robustness transaction processing. Our platform successfully passed penetration tests and all kinds of security review
Cold storage of funds
You have full control over all the invested funds starting from day 1. We never have access to wallet’s private keys but just to wallet public addresses
If your solution is not fast, you lose investors
Load Balancing

Dynamic load balancing guarantees that everything will work smoothly as usual even if you have a biggest ICO with huge influx of traffic

Horizontal Scalability

Traffic for your We can add additional servers for your ICO in a matter of minutes

Unlimited bandwidth

Tests show, that the platform can process payments much faster than they can appear in a blockchain

Payment system

Don't make your investors wait for tokens untill the end of ICO. Investors receive their tokens instantly, no matter if they send ETH to a smart contract or BTC through their personal account.

Real time
token emission
Phenom Platform
all currencies
To get your investors comfortable with your ICO
Intuitive interface

Thoroughly worked out interface of Phenom ICO platform gives highest convertion to you investments and drastically facilitates process for those who new to crypto

Token price fixed in USD

Avoid volatility risks for your investors. Phenom ICO platform allows you easily set your token price in USD even for Ethereum-based tokens

Fiat investments

Invest to your ICO has never been so simple.

Using Phenom platform anyone can buy your token using a regular credit card

One day integration

Have your ICO today and still not prepared for launch?

No problem, it's on us. We'll arrange everything in a matter of hours

Bounty platform

Build community, incentivise it to contribute to the promotion of ICO and grant project's tokens in return. Backend automatically detects all users activity in social networks and calculates a number of dedicated tokens.

Automated bounty allocation for

Bounty Platform

The world's first automated bounty platform that operates with Steem and Golos. These social networks are based on blockchain technology and are known by strongest crypto community. Platform has a smart bounty allocation system and grants reward to users who reblog project’s posts. Reward amount is calculated on the basis of user’s followers and the amount of steem/golos tokens they hold.

Bounty Platform
Bounty manager's decision on amount of tokens to be granted
Claim bountyfor other activity
Token allocation
Automatic detection of user's social activity
likes, shares,comments

Smart Contact

Management System

Since now development of smart contracts for your ICO is a matter of minutes. Our smart contract generator will provide you with a source code and address of already deployed contract in Ethereum testnet.


  1. Simple and intuitive interface
  2. Flexible adjustment of your ICO parameters
  3. No need to look for rare Solidity developers
  4. Contracts for both - pre-ICO and
Set rules of your
Smart contract management system
automatical generation of Ethereum Smart Contract code
automatic Deployment
in Ethereum testnet
automatic Deployment
in Ethereum mainnet
security audit
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